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Adventure Time – “From Bad to Worse” Recap

by on October 24, 2011

An oversight by Princess Bubblegum when dealing with chemical experiments leads to another zombie outbreak in the Candy Kingdom. While Finn and his friends have the notes on how to make the zombie antidote, the Princess’ incapacitation forces the gang to jerry-rig their own solutions out of lab chemicals. As room for error literally shrinks and the zombie situation goes from bad to worse, Finn is in a race against time to save the day with science.

While this episode’s plot and setting is something the writers have done before (just like last week’s episode), they really have fun with the zombie theme on a level they didn’t really achieve with the first episode, “Slumber Party Panic”. That episode didn’t really do much with the zombies and simply used them as a generic crisis that could have been anything. This episode felt like it was consciously made to be a take on zombie movies, as shown by the acknowledgment of standard clichés like the obligatory “character does something really stupid to get themselves infected” scene that appears near the end. There’s also Lumpy Space Princess, who manages
to be the highlight of an episode as always, moving the plot along while staying in character (something I wish Lady Rainicorn had done throughout the episode, too).

I just love the growing sense of dread throughout the episode
as the setting gets more and more claustrophobic, and the situation just gets progressively more dangerous. The really tense cinematography (especially the scene at the very beginning) and eerie electronic score really helps to create a scary atmosphere. The writers do some really creative, clever stuff with the premise, such as Jake’s way of fighting off his zombie infection and the twist ending that solves the whole problem. While it was surprising, it was also cleverly telegraphed from the very beginning. “From Bad to Worse” is Adventure Time at its best: hilarious, creative, and a little bit deranged.

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