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Adventure Time – “BMO Lost” Recap

by on April 18, 2013

While dancing on the rooftop, BMO is mistaken for prey and is snatched by a giant eagle.  In an attempt to escape from the bird’s nest, he falls down the tree and ends up lost in the woods. On the way back home, BMO meets a wayward bubble and an abandoned baby in the forest. The pint-size adventurer faces self-doubt and the various dangers of the wilderness as he tries to find a home for his bubble partner.

AdventureTimeBMOLostEver since BMO graduated from a background fixture to a full blown supporting character, I’ve always looked forward to episodes focusing around BMO. This is partly because BMO is such a fun and enjoyable character to watch, and also because his episodes tend to be full of the madcap wonder that has been less apparent in the show since season one.  Niki Yang’s adorable voice work as BMO just adds to the cheery sense of innocence behind his adventures and creates a counterpoint to the darker subtext that often gives his plots more substance, from self-doubt to body image issues.

This episode felt a bit more aimless and slower than “BMO Noire,” with the baby subplot getting dropped halfway through the episode and the middle of the episode being significantly less interesting the the setup and conclusion. The episode’s ending is one of the creepiest in a long catalog of dark endings, as Bubble (as voiced by LeVar Burton, another Star Trek alum) swears to follow BMO around forever. The perfect cherry on top to this ending is BMO’s naively ecstatic reaction afterwards, which really represents Adventure Time‘s dark yet innocent style of humor in a nutshell. “BMO Lost” isn’t the greatest BMO episode, but any adventure with BMO is bound to be a fun watch.

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