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Adventure Time – “All Your Fault” Recap

by on January 30, 2013

Princess Bubblegum receives a distressing letter from the Earls of Lemongrab, requesting extra food to stave off a cataclysmic famine that has affected their fiefdom. Bubblegum tasks Finn and Jake to deliver a bag of candy seeds to Lemongrab, but they notice something strange about the Earls’ kingdom.  Avoiding a menagerie of hideous lemon creatures, Finn and Jake try to figure out what happened to the Lemon Kingdom and how to help the Earls.

Adventure Time is no stranger to visual insanity, but this week’s episode takes the cake in terms of surreal, sometimes disconcerting imagery. A good chunk of the episode isn’t really focused around anything other than having Finn and Jake freak out over the bizarre lemon monsters inhabiting the kingdom, but the storyboarders manage to turn this aimless exercise into a chance to show off their chops in character design and atmosphere creation. The sheer variety of demented character designs lends the episode most of its entertainment value and memorability: a double-nosed wall of flesh, a self-flaying, screaming lemon animal, and most disturbingly, entire rooms full of giant, pulsating organs. The level of body horror in the middle of the episode is so intriguing and attention-grabbing that I felt pretty sad once Finn and Jake’s tour through the castle was over.

It might be because of his appearance in last week’s episode, but Lemongrab’s antics and unsettling demeanor takes a backseat here instead of the spotlight-grabbing effect it usually has on a given episode. It’s nice to see more of a great, unique character, but the writers might be getting too keen to come back to him. Still, bits like the Earls’ letter to Bubblegum and their ridiculous, convoluted solution to the famine problem are hilarious windows into their strange, malformed minds. In terms of humor, “All Your Fault” falls victim to bad timing and character overuse, but the visuals and disturbed creativity still makes this episode a really interesting watch.

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