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Adult Swim 2007 Announcements: 7 Nights a Week, New Series

by on April 27, 2007

Adult Swim’s 2007 Upfront presentation took place Thursday evening in New Tork. Toon Zone’s Harley was there to cover the network’s announcements for the coming year. The presentation included news of another expansion for the network, series extensions, and off-television initiatives.

Lucy, the Daughter of the DevilPerhaps the biggest news was Adult Swim taking on a full seven nights a week schedule. The network has steadily grown from its initial airings which only took place Sunday and Thursday nights with the newly expanded schedule taking effect July 6th. Sundays will remain the same with Adult Swim taking over from Cartoon Network during the 10pm to 6am hours. However, weekdays will see the loss of the 10:30pm timeslot and the addition of Friday nights. The new Monday through Saturday schedule will see the network airing from 11pm to 6am.

Adult Swim also announced the intended premiere dates for a few new original series. Lucy, the Daugther of the Devil is scheduled for an initial ten episode run this July. The show, the pilot for which previously airing on the network, is from the producers of Home Movies. Coming this Fall is a new live action comedy called Fat Guy Stuck In Internet from creators John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn. The series finds hot shot programmer Ken Gemberling on a quest of epic proportions, in the internet. Airing next year will be the animated series Superjail from creators Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick and Ben Gruber. It features the most violent prison in the universe presided over by the mysterious Warden, a sadistic Willy Wonka-like character.

Robot ChickenInformation was additionally provided regarding the extention of some current Adult Swim series. The network’s biggest hit, Family Guy will air through 2015. As for Adult Swim’s original series, Robot Chicken will not only be airing new episodes this Summer, but its first special, Robot Chicken: Star Wars will debut June 17th and include the voice of George Lucas. Saul of the Molemen, a twisted homage to the likes of HR Puffnstuf and Land of the Lost will receive a second season of ten episodes. The series combines live-action, animation, puppets and green screen technology. The network’s non-animated series, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! will see a second season of 30 episodes. The sketch series is from the minds behind the animated Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Other continuations include the following. Moral Orel has been picked up for another season and new episodes are to debut April 29th. This Summer will see the start of the new season of Frisky Dingo. Coming this Fall will be the second seasons of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks and Metalocalypse, which features the heavy metal band Dethlok. Also returning in the Fall with new episodes will be The Venture Bros., Squidbillies and the final episodes of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Aqua Teen Hunger Force will not only have new episodes this Fall, but the fifth season is scheduled to arrive in 2008 along with a new season of Assy McGee.

2 Members of DethlokIn addition to its television broadcast, Adult Swim will be branching out into the concert scene. This October will see the debut tour of Dethklok, the band featured in the animated series Metalocalypse. To further promote the network, another tour of bands to be decided by Williams St. will also hit 25 college campuses.

Finally, Adult Swim has redefined the focus of Adultswim.com. The web site will be looked to as a source of original entertainment. The push began with the recently launched online video game titled 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself and will continue with Bible Fight. Bible Fight is set to launch next week. Adultswim.com will continue to support and promote their television line-up by offering 10,000 legally available video clips.

To check out the full press release regarding Adult Swim’s 2007 Upfront announcements, click here.

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