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23rd Annual Dusty Film and Animation Festival – Animation Award Winners

by on May 10, 2012

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The School of Visual Arts held the awards ceremony for the 23rd Annual Dusty Film and Animation Festival on the evening of May 10, 2012. Reeves Lehmann, Chairman of the Film, Video, and Animation Department at SVA introduced the awards cermony, congratulated the graduating class and thanked the parents, as well as the faculty, staff and sponsors who made the event possible.  Presenters included John Turturro, Roy Frumkes, Kathrine Narducci, Alex Levi, Chris Newman, James Manos Jr., Mike and Tim Rauch, Bill Plympton, Craig McKay, Barry Markowitz ASC, DeWitt Davis, Daniel Minahan and Nina Rosenblum. 

The Stop Motion Awards were presented by Mike and Tim Rauch. The Rauch Bros. congratulated the graduating class and for completing the massive task of finishing their films. During the speech, Tim Rauch relayed a story from his college days.  


“When I was a senior in college and I was working really diligently on some project. I really wanted it to be great and I wanted to put some of my actual classwork aside to focus on it. And a professor of mine said to me, ‘You know, Tim. The work you do as a student will never be your best work anyway.’ So, I felt very dejected about that. ‘Oh, Jeez. What I’m making isn’t isn’t really that good, isn’t really that special.’ and maybe that was the point of it or maybe the point was really that your best work is always ahead of you, especially if you keep your focus, keep your energy and stay creative about it.” 


The winners in the Stop Motion Animation category for 2012 are as follows: 


Stop Motion Animation (Overall):

Winner: Colleen Newell for A Good Time

Stop Motion Animation – Character Design:

Winner: Steven Cartoccio for Concrete Jungle (WebsiteBlogspot | IMDB | Facebook)  

Stop Motion Animation – Production Design:

Winner: Nicholas Newgent for Home Sweet Home (Vimeo

The Traditional Animation Awards were presented by SVA alumnus, Bill Plympton. Plympton encouraged the students to find their path in animation that allowed them to find the path which would allow them to feel happy and fulfilled. 

The winners in the Traditional Animation category for 2012 are as follows:

Traditional Animation (Overall):
Winner: Evan Borja for Otzi(Website | Vimeo 

Winner: Kaukab Basheer for Dechen (Website | Vimeo

Traditional Animation – Character Design:

Winner: Jae Il Son (Jason) for Vicious Circle (Vimeo)  

Traditional Animation – Production Design:

Winner: Deena Beck for Chasing Unicorns (Website | official website

For more information on the Dusty Film and Animation Festival, visit the official website.

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