Marvel Skipping the "Big Hero 6" Movie Party

Although Disney’s upcoming animated feature Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel Comics superhero team (and comic book mini-series of the same name), The Hollywood Reporter states that Marvel is not planning any tie-ins to the movie, citing the lack of any Big Hero 6 tie-ins for the November 2014 advance solicitations (when the movie is set to premiere) and adding that a Marvel spokesperson confirmed that it had no plans for the property or the characters in their comics for the foreseeable future. The team’s last appearance was in an October 2012 issue of Amazing Spider-Man, where they assisted in the defeat of Doctor Octopus.

Big Hero 6 has been appearing in comics in a serialized manga published by Kodansha in Japan, focusing on the robotic hero Baymax. Random House will also be publishing Big Hero 6 tie-in material.

Big Hero 6 is set to premiere in the US on November 7, 2014.

  1. Read the linked article. Makes perfect sense. Disney is publishing off it. Hans Christian Andersen isn't publishing off Frozen. Kipling didn't publish off The Jungle Book. Grimm didn't publish off any number of Disney films. It's really the same thing. This is another Disney adaptation of source material. This time it's just material from a company they own.
    Marvel is generally pretty bad at trying to market all-ages material. A kid-friendly property without blood 'n guts and angsty shock deaths probably isn't a priority to them

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