Bob’s Burgers – Wharf Horse Or How Bob Saves/Destroys The Town, Part One – Season 4, Episode 21

Bob inadvertently convinces Mr. Fischoeder to sell the Wonder Wharf.

Bob inadvertently convinces Mr. Fischoeder to sell the Wonder Wharf.

Synopsis: Bob’s landlord, Mr. Fischoeder, is trying to revive interest in the Wonder Wharf, but his scheming borderline psychotic part-owner brother, Felix, is trying to close the Wharf and build overpriced condominiums.

Details: The Wonder Wharf is under siege as the owner [and Bob’s landlord], Mr. Fischoeder [Kevin Kline] is trying to save the carnival-like fairground while his scheming borderline psychotic brother, Felix [Zach Galifinakis], has decided that the land would better be served by building overpriced condominiums. To put his plan into action, Felix figures he will need some help and coerces Bob into helping him by promising that Bob will get a fancy version of his restaurant included in the condominium building plans. But before that can happen, Bob needs to convince Mr. Fischoeder that he needs to agree with Felix and close the Wharf and build the condos.

Meanwhile, while innocently touring the Wonder Wharf grounds, Mickey will not allow Tina, Louise and Gene on the rollercoaster because Louise is too short. This is fine with Gene, who would rather not go on the rollercoaster anyway, but now they have to find an alternative ride that the three of them can simultaneously ride and Tina decides on her favorite ride, the carrousel, but – much to her astonishment – the carrousel is closed and being replaced with a “less boring ride” [though actually it’s just being eliminated altogether]. This irritates Tina who embarks on an episode-long campaign to try and save Mr. Goiter – her favorite horse on the carrousel – from destruction by the work crew dismantling the carrousel.

Felix gets Bob to distract Mr. Fischoeder and get him away from the Wonder Wharf while he entertains condominium investors and Bob [and Linda] come up with Take Your Landlord To Lunch Day as the distraction vehicle and that works for approximately 37 seconds until Linda accidentally spills the beans about the true nature to their ruse. Mr. Fischoeder then quickly deduces that they are kidnapping him so that Felix can pull his fast one.

Tina tries to save her favorite carrousel horse, Mr. Goiter, from destruction.

Tina tries to save her favorite carrousel horse, Mr. Goiter, from destruction.

Left alone with Mr. Fischoeder, Bob inadvertently convinces Mr. Fischoeder to sell the Wonder Wharf but then realizes he has done the wrong thing and recants and tries to talk Mr. Fischoeder out of it while riding the rollercoaster [while it is briefly stuck on the top of a big drop]. Mr. Fischoeder agrees with Bob and tells Felix that he’s never selling Wonder Wharf, causing Felix to go off the deep end and threaten both Bob and Mr. Fischoeder with a gun at the conclusion of Part One.

The Poop and Skinny: The part of Fanny the 29-Year-Old Girlfriend is played by Jordan Peele.

The name of the aging rollercoaster on the Wonder Wharf is the Scream-i-Cane.

If it ever happens, Bob’s fancy restaurant will be called Bob’s Bistro by the Beach [With Burgers]

The ending credits mimic the familiar James Bond film franchise opening credits.

A brief musical interlude invades the episode.

A brief musical interlude invades the episode.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “What!? You can’t leave a kidnapping to go shopping! This isn’t Florida!” – Mr. Fischoeder, when Linda and Betty the 29-Year-Old Girlfriend abandon him and Bob to go shopping.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Does putting a Band-Aid on a fart make it go away?” – Felix Fischoeder when trying to convince Bob that there’s no saving the Wharf.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Merry go down, am I right?” – Louise, upon hearing of the carrousel’s imminent demise.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – None [no introduction to this week’s episode]

Van of the Week – None

Burger of the Week – Saffron Saff-Off Burger.

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