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Warner Bros Animation Cashes In On Register

by onApril 23, 2014


Warner Bros Animation promoted their executive vice president, Sam Register, to president of the company’s historically significant animation division as well as putting him in charge of a newly created live-action digital division.

Register spent 10 years at Cartoon Network where he created “Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi” before joining Warner Bros Animation in 2007 and creating “The Looney Tunes Show”, an updated version of Warner Bros’ original “Looney Tunes”.

  1. I neither know nor care about who's a "sophomoric hipster". I don't know the man personally, and neither, I suspect, do you, so what kind of person he is socially or in regards to popular culture is irrelevant unless it's somehow a detriment to his work ethic or his abilities to run an operation.

    I'd just like to see someone take Warner Brothers Animation in a progressive, creative and innovative direction. That's not an endorsement for Register, 'cause I'd really like to see better than what we've been getting from WBA as of late, but how "hip" a person is or isn't doesn't figure into the equation. It's the quality of the studio's output that's important.

    That was never going to happen. Craig McCracken is working at Disney now, and anyway, just because someone has created a couple of shows doesn't mean that they can run a division of an entire company. That would be like naming JG Quintel head of Turner Broadcasting.

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