Pink Panther

MGM Announces CGI/Live-Action Hybrid "Pink Panther" Movie

Deadline.com reports that MGM will be making a CGI/live-action hybrid movie resurrecting the Pink Panther franchise, drawing influence from both the live-action Blake Edwards films and the Friz Freleng and David DePatie cartoons. Walter Mirisch, executive producer of the live-action films and the TV cartoons, is named as the producer alongside Blake Edwards’ widow Julie Andrews. David Silverman (The Simpsons Movie) is set to direct.

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  1. Good to see MGM continuing its comeback as a major motion picture studio and I really can't wait until its CGI/live-action hybrid movie. After and movies, it makes reasonable sense for MGM to capitalize on its comeback as a major motion picture studio. Perhaps, we might see a TV series reboot of , only time will tell, but the home of Leo the Lion needs to continue progressing- it's going in a promising direction.
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