Pixar President Ed Catmull on Sequels and Grooming New Talent

Buzzfeed.com has spoken with Pixar President Ed Catmull , who stated the studio’s strategy of releasing “one and a half” films per year, with one original film per year and a follow-up to an earlier film every other year (including the upcoming Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo). While Pixar’s first 10 films were all original, 3 out of the 4 most recent releases were sequels with Cars 2 and Monsters University receiving lukewarm critical reception even as the studio continued its winning box-office streak.

Catmull also addressed the need to groom new talent to sustain the studio’s legacy, stating, “When Walt [Disney] died, he didn’t pass the baton to anybody else, and so they went downhill after that. So John [Lasseter] and I take very seriously the fact that we need to get people up to the level where they can tell original films.” The last 2 Pixar movies were directed or co-directed by first-time directors (Brave‘s Brenda Chapman and Pete Docter, and Monsters University‘s Dan Scanlon), and the upcoming The Good Dinosaur to be helmed by Bob Peterson (who had co-directed Up with Pete Docter).

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