What Does E3 Have Up Its Sleeve For Gran Turismo 6?

by onJune 5, 2013

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the granddaddy of electronic entertainment trade shows and Gran Turismo 6 is the granddaddy of racing games – so with the announcement that a sixth version is on the way for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console, you can almost detect the collective vroom sounds emanating from males worldwide. What we do know is there will be 1200 vehicles and 33 racing circuits available – both upgrades from Gran Turismo 5 – and improvements to the personal circuitmaking designer. But the big question is – will they allow you to amass more than $20 million and become a genuine automotive megalomaniac drunk with supercars and power?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] is being held from June 11-13, 2013 at the Convention Center in Los Angeles.

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