Wario Starts Silent But Deadly Crowdfarter Campaign


Proving that they will not rest as they relentlessly pursue the lowest common denominator of the gaming culture, Nintendo has released a fake marketing campaign for their upcoming Wii U “Game & Wario” video game where visitors to a Wario-manned site are implored to donate to a fund to help the game gets its release a la Kickstarter or Crowdfunder sites. Visitors can “donate” to the fund by clicking on a Facebook “like” or Twitter “tweet” button to drive up the fake money count. When it reaches five bajillion coins, you receive a coveted “I crowdfarted” digital badge [and presumably a clump of broccoli], followed by similar high-falutin’-style prizes all the way up to 100 katrillion coins, which gets you a trailer for the yet-to-be-released Wii U game [and, we would have to presume, a video of the campfire scene from “Blazing Saddles”].

“Game & Wario” is set for a June 23, 2013 but you can try to get your crowdfarter badge at the official Crowdfarter site.

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