Bring Out Yer Dead! Medieval Times Movie?

Okay, so you thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger/”Toxic Avenger” thing was bad? Perhaps that was due to you failing to set the bar low enough for just what sort of feature film can get made these days [technical answer: just about any film]. So, if you were left bewildered and nonplussed by Arnie and Toxie, then forsooth and zounds – look what the cat just dragged in! Medieval Times – yes, the restaurant chain – is being packaged by production companies Benderspink [the genii behind the “Hangover” flicks] and Broken Road [“Black Sky”] as a potential theme for a feature film. The idea is to take a storyline involving jousting 11th century knights in Spanish castle country and congeal it into some sort of palatable feature-length film that audiences will somehow swallow. We kid you not.

Medieval Times operates nine locations – eight in the USA and one in Toronto for the medievally-deprived Canadians.

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