Kidvid Capsule Reviews: "Green Eggs and Ham" SE Blu-ray & "Dora's Rescue in the Mermaid Kingdom"

Would you, could you with a goat? I would not, could not...with a goat.The Green Eggs and Ham Special Edition
Brings a Seussian ‘Toon to high-definition.
This 70’s special is from DePatie-Freleng;
For the time, the animation is quite appealing.
And, of course, who doesn’t love Seuss?
Only a fool or a Grump-Flappa-Roose.

“The Sneetches” is a tale of how foolish racism
Leads only to light wallets and loss-of-face-ism.
“The Zax” shows stubbornness yields not more but less.
(Could it be Seuss predicted our current Congress?)
But “Green Eggs and Ham” is the runaway winner
As a charming hard sell of a different-hued dinner.

Picture and sound are perfectly clear
With just one problem: there’s not enough here!
One special on this disc? No bonuses to see?
(Four interactive puzzles barely count to me.)
You’ll get to the end and shout, “What? That’s it?
This Blu-ray’s a load of flabber-le-blit!”

Hola! Soy Edwardo! Do you know what this is?

Right! It’s another Dora the Explorer DVD adventure. There are three episodes on this DVD:

Dora’s Rescue in the Mermaid Kingdom
Benny the Castaway
Dora’s Moonlight Adventure

That’s Mermaid…Castaway…Moonlight. Mermaid…Castaway…Moonlight! Can you remember which one comes first?

Right! Mermaid! “Mermaid” stars Dora’s friend Thalia as the mermaid’s mommy, and runs double length, but the other two episodes are regular length. And do you know how many bonus features are on this DVD?

Right! None! If you have a little one who loves Dora, this disc will be sure to make their hearts very happy. Adios!

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