Discotek Media to Release "Venus Wars", "Locke the Superman"

Via its Facebook page, Discotek Media has announced that it will release the animated movies “Venus Wars” and “Locke the Superman” on DVD. Both releases will include English dubbing and the original Japanese language track with English subtitles. For “Venus Wars”, Discotek has further confirmed that the DVD will feature a remastered anamorphic transfer.

First released in 1989, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s “Venus Wars” tells the story of a young journalist from Earth, and a motorcycle racer as they get caught up in a new war on a terraformed Venus. Meanwhile Nippon Animation’s “Locke the Superman” is based on the long-running 1980s manga by Yuki Hijiri, which follows the adventures of an eternally young and powerful psionic through the ages as humanity colonizes outer space. Discotek’s release will be the debut of this title on R1 DVD.

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