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"Birdy the Mighty: Decode": Mighty Awesome

by on January 3, 2011
I was first introduced to Birdy the Mighty: Decode during FUNimation’s preview at New York Comic Con. To be honest, the preview they showed looked pretty bad. It seemed like the typical hot-girl-fights-crime show that is really only about attracting fanboys through fanservice. I didn’t for a second think that I would get such a […]

‘The Lion King’ And Other Disney Titles Coming To 3D Blu-ray

by on January 2, 2011
According to an ad in Home Media Magazine, it would appear The Lion King will be getting a 4-disc 3D Blu-ray release as well as the previously announced Diamond Edition release this Fall. It would also appear Beauty and the Beast will be getting the same treatment, with a 4-disc 3D Blu-ray coming out sometime […]