Regular Show - "Camping Can Be Cool" Recap

When Margeret admits she’s never been camping before, Mordecai invites her and Eileen to go camping along with him and Rigby, even though Rigby is unwilling to let them come at first.

I was hoping that some “moves” were going to be made in this episode, preferably between Mordecai and Margeret, but it was nice to see them together, lying on the car hood. Same went for Rigby and Eileen. I was also worried that Rigby would be jealous that Mordecai was hanging out with Margeret, like he was in previous episodes. But fortunately, my suspicions weren’t confirmed. 

All in all, I guess it was a pretty good episode. It was directed more towards character development than humor, but even Regular Show needs a more serious episode once in a while. The humor that was present in this episode was pretty funny. Who to recommend this episode to? For starters, I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to see some romance between the characters. I’d also recommend it for anyone who wants a few grins, and a little bit of suspense.

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