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Ricky Gervais to Star in Animated HBO Series

by on December 31, 2009
The Office creator Ricky Gervais will be teaming up with Stephen Merchant to make an animated series based on podcasts that the pair made with Karl Pilkington for The Guardian. The series will use animation to visualise the conversations recorded in the popular podcasts. [ Source: Cinema Blend ]

New Clip from Jan 1, 2010 "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Episode "Grievous Intrigue"

by Ed Liuon December 30, 2009
Lucasfilm has released information and a new video clip from the newest upcoming episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, debuting on January 1, 2010, at 9:00 PM (Eastern/Pacific) on Cartoon Network. “Grievous Intrigue” features the return of the sinister General Grievous, the Jedi-killing cyborg who has Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in his sights […]

Best New Animated Series of 2009: "Olivia"

by Ed Liuon December 30, 2009
This week, Toon Zone News looks back at 2009 by reposting our reviews of what we felt was the best that the year had to offer. The staff felt it was a thin year for new animated series. How thin? Well, we came this close to naming Phineas and Ferb the Best New Animated Series […]

Best Anime Import of 2009: "Samurai Champloo"

by on December 28, 2009
This week, Toon Zone News looks back at 2009 by reposting our reviews of what we felt was the best that the year had to offer. We begin with our staff pick for the Best Anime Import of 2009, meaning the best anime series to receive a “Complete” DVD set release during the year. The […]

Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Films Announce New March Titles Including "Tayutama"

by SB20xxon December 27, 2009
More new series are making region 1 debuts from Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films. The first is Tayutama, a 2009 harem series based on a visual novel game, which debuts on DVD in a complete collection on 3/16/10 for $39.98. Special features include clean opening and closing animations, a Japanese promo, and Tayutama ~ Pure […]

Warner Home Video Releases New Images from "Justice League" and "Halo" DTVs

by Ed Liuon December 24, 2009
Warner Home Video has released several new screenshots from two upcoming direct-to-video animated movies: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Halo Legends. Click on any image to enlarge: JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS HALO LEGENDS For more information on Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, check out our earlier coverage: “Justice League: Crisis […]

Stan Lee Saves the Day on "Super Hero Squad Show" on Dec 26, 2009

by Ed Liuon December 24, 2009
Stan Lee will be taking over The Super Hero Squad Show this Saturday, December 26, 2009, at 7:30 PM (Eastern), as he (or his character on the show, the Mayor of Super Hero City) and Wolverine must team up to save the rest of the Squaddies from the evil mind control of Egghead. Marvel has […]

Toonzone Presents 2-Minute "Toy Story 3" Sneak Peek Video Clip

by Ed Liuon December 24, 2009
Toonzone News is proud to present the following sneak peek look at Toy Story 3, introduced by director Lee Unkrich. Click the image below to play the clip: Toy Story 3 will be released on June 18, 2010.

"Dragonball Z: Dragon Box 1" Your Wish Has Been Granted

by on December 24, 2009
Goku has defended the Earth from countless threats. Years after reuniting with a young love at a World Martial Arts Tournament, he’s now training his son in the scholarly arts, rather than in his own super-powered kung-fu skills. Gathering his old friends, he’s soon confronted by … his brother from another planet? Goku is revealed […]

Briefly: The New Trend in Digital Jobs, New Beatrix Potter Animation Deal

by Ed Liuon December 23, 2009
* The New York Times follows the newer computer science/information technology jobs that blend traditional computer science knowledge with other fields (free registration required), speaking specifically to Kira Lehtomaki of Disney Animation Studios, who was impressed enough by Pixar’s Monsters Inc. in college to pursue a degree in computer science specifically for graphics work. * […]