Marvel Teams with Madhouse for Anime of Iconic Superheroes (UPDATED Aug 27, 2008)

The New York Times is reporting that Marvel Entertainment is teaming up with renowned Japanese animation studio Madhouse to develop four anime series that will re-vision several of Marvel’s iconic superheroes for the Japanese market (free registration required). The characters and back stories will be revamped to “reflect Japanese culture,” and “create an entire parallel universe for Marvel,” according to Marvel International president Simon Philips. The only superhero named in the article is Iron Man.

UPDATED August 27, 2008: Anime News Network has linked to a report in the Sports Nippon newspaper that compares the movie version of Marvel’s Iron Man with the upcoming anime version of the character. ANN also states that Iron Man is set to debut in a 12-episode series in 2010 in Japan, and that Madhouse has been given “free reign (sic) to re-imagine the Marvel superheroes for Japanese audiences.”

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