Media Blasters Announces New June Titles Including "Otoboku"

Otoboku, a romantic comedy series about a guy who cross-dresses as a girl to get into an all-girls academy, will see its first volume released on 6/24/08 for $21.99. It runs 125 minutes.

In box set news, GaoGaiGar King of Braves will be getting a Premium Box Collection on 6/10/08 for $34.99. It runs 625 minutes.

Also, a couple new volumes of currently-running series have been announced for June:
* Kujibiki Unbalance vol. 2: 130 min. – $21.99 – 6/24/08
* Simoun vol. 4: 125 min. – $19.99 – 6/3/08

[Source: AnimeOnDVD.com ]

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