PR: List of "Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940 Volume Two" Shorts

Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940 Volume Two list of shorts:

Disc #1
1. I Yam Love Sick
2. Plumbing Is A Pipe
3. The Jeep
4. Bulldozing The Bull
5. Mutiny Ain’t Nice
6. Goonland
7. A Date To Skate
8. Cops Is Always Right
9. Customers Wanted
11. Leave Well Enough Alone
12. Wotta Nitemare
13. Ghosks Is The Bunk
14. Hello, How Am I
15. It”s The Natural Thing To Do

Disc #2
1. Never Sock A Baby
2. Shalespearian Spinach
3. Females Is Fickle
4. Stealin’ Ain’t Honest
5. Me Feelin’s Is Hurt
6. Onion Pacific
7. Wimmin Is A Myskery
8. Nurse-Mates
9. Fightin’ Pals
10. Doin’ Impossikible Stunts
11. Wimmin Hadn’t Oughta Drive
12. Puttin On The Act
13. Popeye Meets William Tell
14. My Pop, My Pop
15. With Poopdeck Pappy
16. Popeye Presents Eugene The Jeep

[Source: Warner Home Video]

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