PR: Mission: Magic! Coming to DVD on May 8, 2007

Tune In, Turn On, But Don’t Drop Out!

On May 8, 2007, join rocker Rick Springfield as he takes you on a magical mystery tour back to the ’70s. Mission: Magic! is the colorful Saturday morning kids’ show that introduced cuddly Aussie Springfield to an American audience and made him into a teen idol. This Peter Max-inspired series is sure to be treasured by those who experienced the “Me decade” or anyone who wonders what it was like. Remastered for ultimate psychedelic pleasure, Mission: Magic! contains 16 episodes of wild retro fun. This 2 disc set has an srp of $24.98.

Misson: Magic! was an experience, even for its time. Kids tuned in to watch Ms. Tickle exhibit strange powers and help her students travel to strange lands. Students: Vinnie, Socks, Franklin , Carol, Kim and Harve make it clear they’re ready for any surreal ride that’s accompanied by the flower power pop of Springfield . Full of adventure, comedy and enchantment, the groovy animated series Mission: Magic! will have us all saying, “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

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