Boomerang Spotlights 10 Characters in 10-Day Marathon

Boomerang has announced a special 10-day marathon of programming, dedicating 24 hours each to 10 of their favorite animated characters:

- July 21: Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers
- July 22: The Pink Panther
- July 23: Tom of Tom and Jerry
- July 24: Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory
- July 25: Lu of Mike, Lu, & Og
- July 26: Wednesday of The Addams Family
- July 27: Richie Rich
- July 28: Baby Bugs Bunny of Baby Looney Tunes
- July 29: Scooby Doo of What’s New, Scooby Doo?
- July 30: Batman of Justice League

Programming begins at 6:00 AM on Friday, July 21, and ends at 6:00 AM Monday, July 31. Full details can be found in Boomerang’s press release.

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