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"Mezzo" Vol. 2: Maybe I Could Get A Robot Girlfriend

by on March 25, 2006

Need a job done? If it requires ballistics and a babe, the Danger Service Agency is at your employ. Covergirl Mikura, along with hardware Harada and kitchen Kurokawa, will do any job for the right money. Add in the incredibly shy and young Asami, and you’ve also got the most disfunctional family this side of the Tenchi crew. Does the DSA save the day in this second volume?

Episodes Included In This Disc
Episode 6: Shell Of Memories
Episode 7: Shell Of Sorrow
Episode 8: Shell Of Thoughts
Episode 9: Shell Of Dreams

I hate money. Whenever I get some, I tend to blow it. I blow it to the point where I don’t have any money, then I have to resort to watching and playing stuff I never actually watched when I blew money back in the day. I blew money on Mezzo DVDs from one of ADV’s sales back in the day. Now I have no money, but I certainly have time to actually watch this. I didn’t even remember when I watched the first volume, but a quick glance at the Toon Zone archives shows that this was in February. Damn, I have bad memory… until I read the year. “2005”. Well, um, a year (and a collected box set released) later, how does the series hold up?

Much like the previous volume, the four episodes on this disc are all episodic; no saga arcs for the cartoon equivalent of the Agent X comic book. “Shell Of Memories” is the most touching episode on the disc, but it’s also the most predictable. A woman from Harada’s past cameos in his current life, causing him to reminisce about her. Halfway through the flashbacks, you’ll notice what’s up and why they broke up, but I can safely say that, no, it does not go back to the “Freaky Zombie Porn-Bot” cliche… well, sorta. “Shell Of Sorrow” tries to be touching, but just gets a little creepy, dealing with a dead girl in a haunted house. The saving grace of the episode is Mikura’s adventures as a traveling masseuse. “Shell Of Thoughts” is probably the most fun, being based on virtual reality. Mikura accidentally gets trapped in a virtual reality world (yes, with tentacles… scarily haunting back to her days in her hentai), with Asami having to toughen up to save the day. Finally, “Shell Of Dreams” is entertaining, but forgetful, dealing with a killer clown not named the Joker or It, along with a man who assumes he can hire the DSA to solve the dangerous task of… dating him.

I like Mezzo. Despite the fact I hadn’t watched any in a year, it’s incredibly easy to hop into, and blow an afternoon watching. These episodes were good, but how is the other half of the disc?

The extras on this volume are very similar to the preceeding, which are… very similar to tons of other releases. The clean opening and closing are expected, along with ADV Previews. The only thing really unique to the volume is “Production Sketches,” which, while rather extensive, would have been presented better in actual print. Given that there’s no insert in this series, a nice book of sketches and stuff would have been more than sufficient. I CRAVE COMMENTARIES. And since it’s in a clear case, ADV was nice enough to give us a reversible cover; it’s the little things like that in releases that make them more notable, unlike, say, FUNimation’s older Dragonball Z releases which barely had COVER ART in the first place, let alone reversible cover art.

I enjoy Mezzo. Great characters, a variety of plots, and nothing too dull. Yes, there is a thinpack box set out now, so the individual volumes should be ridiculously cheap wherever you look. If you need a cool action series, go grab Mezzo.

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