"Kaena": Great New Classic or Evolution's Mistake?

Toon Zone’s Desslar and Twage look at Kaena: The Prophecy and can agree on only one thing: The title character has fantastic knockers.

Kaena: A Brave New World of Animated Scifi
by Desslar

It’s a shame that Kaena: The Prophecy has got such little press in the U.S. But it’s far from surprising. It’s hard enough for Japanese anime films to get a foothold here, and French animation seems to have it even tougher. Sure, The Triplets of Belleville got a lot of attention, but that was an art film, which is an area you expect to see the French excel. But probably it will take critical acclaim on the order of Spirited Away to get Kaena the recognition it deserves, even if CGI animation is all the rage right now.

Kaena at Toon Zone’s General Animation Board.

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